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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

By using this website and any of its related software, you agreed to the conditions below.


This website and its related software (the Software) is owned by BOOMDEV (the Company) and its content and source code are protected by law as the intellectual property of the Company. It is not permitted to reproduce, copy, distribute, duplicate, modify or share any of said content without the prior written consent of the Company. Any infringement to these terms and conditions may be prosecuted and damages may be claimed. By accessing and using the Software, whether it is through a FREE account or a paid subscription, the users agree with these terms of use.

The Company reserves the right to change said terms at any time and to ban from its Software, temporarily or permanently, any user that would not be in compliance with these terms.

The Company strives to write, update and maintain the Software to the highest standards possible but does not guarantee the Software to be free of bugs, issues or to be fully protected against malicious intent. The Company can in no way be held responsible for any technical or human error of the Software, occurring during its use or as a result of its exposure to the Internet (as it is a cloud-based platform) and shall not be held liable for any damage said error incures, including but not limited to loss of data or interruptions of service.

The users understand that it is forbidden to save on the Software any data that could be considered illegal in any way, pronographic, disturbing or violent. This extends to any link to such material, image or document. The Company reserves the right to investigate, monitor and track any data that is saved to the Software and that is or is suspected of being advocating violence, hatred, acts of terror, racism or sexism. Such data will be immediately communicated to the authorities and the Company will cooperate fully with said authorities on the mater.

The paid subscriptions are to be charged on a monthly basis by the Company. The users can at all times cancel the subscriptions and downgrade to a free account or simple delete their account. The payment has to be made in advance for the coming month, in full. The Company may decide to interrupt the service or access to the Software for a user (or group of users) that have not paid their monthly subscription when the month starts. The subscriptions being based on the quantity of data, should a user not pay their subscription fee in time or decide to downgrade to a free account, the Company is entitled to get rid of the user's data. In such an instance, the Company will notify the users at least 15 days in advance and the users will be able to download their data or retain the previous subscription by paying the full amount for the interrupted month(s). For example, if a user does not pay their July subscription fee but decide in September of the same year to return to the Software before their data is deleted and continue the subscription, the user will have to pay to the Company the monthly fees of their subscription for the months of July, August and September.

The amounts paid to the Company are not reimbursable.


The Company does not intend to use any of the data its users explicitly enter into the Software. The users own that data and can modify or delete all their data from the Software at any point in time. The Company will not keep a backup of records deleted by users. The Company does however reserve the right to retain in their records the information concerning a user that misused the Software or did not observe the terms stated in its Terms of Use. Such information is to be used solely to protect the Company and could include, without being limited to, the following list of data points: email addresses, IP addresses, subscription history and other account information, along with any type of documentation on the suspected or proven misuse of the Software and accompanying documents, logs or communication records.

The only data point that is entered by the user and that the Company may use is the user's email address, in order to for example activate their account, reset their password, invite other users to use the Software (only at the user's demand) or to contact the user (or answer to the user's question). The Company does not and will not share any user data with any third party, unless it is requested by the authorities and within the extent of the law.

The Company however reserves the right to use third party "audience auditing software" (as for example ©Google ©Analytics) to evaluate and monitor the use of the Software, without the intention to use or exploit the users' Personal Data and will not aim, during said audit or at any time, to seek, gather or use any data the is usable to identify or locate a specific natural person.

The users understand that the Software stores data on their device and saves files to the device when the Software is installed. Even if the data entered by the users is encrypted (both in the cloud and on the user's device), the Company does not recommend using the Software on a device that is not trusted by the user, doesn't run a malicious software detection and a firewall or a device that that does not have an account specific to the user, protected by password. Not following this advice can result in the user's data being recovered by malicious third parties. The users also understand that the opt-in feature allowing the users to "stay logged-in" will log the user in automatically to the Software until the user explicitly logs out and thus, on an unprotected device, could open the users to a breach in their account.

The Company will not intentionally publish on their website the users' names, logos, company names or any other data without the users' explicit authorization.